Sunday, February 19, 2012

Varros Blackwater

This is my PC in the West Kingdom play-by-blog Swords and Wizardry: White Box campaign DM'd by Bard.

Name: Varros Blackwater

Class: Fighter

Alignment: Neutral

AC: 15

HP: 7

To Hit Bonus: 0

Dex. Bonus: 0

Save: 14

Save Modifiers: +2 vs. Death and Poison

STR: 15

INT: 7

WIS: 14

CON: 9

DEX: 12

CHR: 9



Well made forest green cloak



Finely crafted longbow

20 Steel arrows

15 Silver arrows

2 Daggers (concealed)



Dried rations (5 days)

Full waterskin

Flint & Steel

50' of silk rope and grappling hook

Torches (5)

3 flasks of oil


Small sack

Coin & valuables: on person, 13gp and one 100gp gem (hidden in boot heel), 7 x 100gp gems banked.

Major expenditures for current level:

Current XP: 549

XP Bonus: +5%

Other Details/Description/Traits:

Varros had an affair with Terac Al Dūn, the daughter of his former master and mentor, a powerful fighter named Maladar Al Dūn. Upon discovering this affair Maladar arranged to have Varros killed by his disciples.

One night while traveling home from a clandestine meeting with Terac, Varros was attacked by three of his fellow students, he managed to kill one of the students and barely escaped the encounter with his life. Realizing that he was now a target he fled his homeland in the night swearing to return to reclaim his love and destroy Maladar Al Dūn.



  1. Why doesn't Varros have a +1 bonus to hit and damage...he's being robbed!

  2. No plus 1 for strength in Swords & Wizardry White Box, it does however add 5% to experience gained. I believe the rule you are referring to is an AD&D.

  3. Ah, classic 'boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy finds girl' scenario. Have no fear, my learned friend, justice will be yours, as will the girl.